Happy 21th Anniversary Indosat Mega Media (IM2), Rise Together for Greatness

Jakarta, 25 September 2021Indosat Mega Media or commonly known as IM2 has reached the age of 21 years. The IM2 Anniversary event was also held on September 28, 2021 at the main lobby of the Indosat Mega Media Building with strict health protocols such as limiting the crowd, continuing to wear masks during the event, bringing personal hand sanitizer, not eating and drinking during the event and every attendee is required to perform antigen test 1 day before. IM2 held a small celebration or small thanksgiving attended by IM2 internals including the Board of Directors, Commissioners, Chief and SVP of the company with a total of 15 people and other employees who attended online via zoom with a total of 246 participants because currently there are still PPKM rules in DKI Jakarta.

The 21th IM2 Anniversary event was also attended by the Commissioner of IM2, Mr. Arief Musta’in with the message “At the age of 21, there is no pessimistic word in our dictionary, optimism is the main key to be able to achieve all goals and future achievements” and the Director Main IM2, Mr. Edi Riyanto also added “Behind the limitations and conditions of the current pandemic, IM2 is still able to grow and achieve some proud achievements for the company, in the future IM2 must be even better for employees and especially IM2 loyal customers”.

In the context of the company’s anniversary, IM2 has also supported the Covid-19 vaccination program as an appeal from the Indonesian government for vaccination targets. In June and September, IM2 has held AstraZeneca vaccinations located at the IM2 Kebagusan office, South Jakarta with a total of 1,100 vaccines that have been given to employees, the elderly and residents around the Indosat Mega Media office.

IM2 hopes to continue to provide the best service for all IM2 internet service customers, namely GIG, IM2Connect, GIGamaze, GIGabox as well as several other products and services for retail and customer business needs.

IM2 will focus on continuing to grow well with the main focus on the best customer experience in using IM2 products as their internet service choice. With a wide selection of internet packages owned by IM2 through GIG for retail and residential as well as IM2Connect for business, IM2 believes it can provide all the needs desired by all customers at competitive prices compared to other internet service providers.

Happy 21st birthday Indosat Mega Media, RISE TOGETHER FOR GREATNESS! Rise together for great things!