GIG (Home Internet Giga Fiber)

GIG is a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service with 100% optical fiber technology. GIG guarantees #SecepatKilat and stable internet connectivity in all weather without quota restrictions.

GIG provides a different internet experience for consumers because fiber optic cable technology is used independently so that it can better support the needs of a fast and stable internet.

GIG is available in several package options and speeds that can be adjusted according to consumer needs. Want to have a different internet experience? Please visit the GIG web by clicking the following link.


Other Services:

100% Fiber Optics

Without coaxial cables like the others, making your internet connection #SecepatKilat at all times without weather disturbances.

Fast Internet

Available up to 1Gbps at high speeds when downloading or uploading, without worrying about quota restrictions (no FUP)

Best Online Streaming

GIG is the best is the most stable ISP operator for accessing Netflix content.

Multimedia - SmartBox

With GIGaBOX customers can enjoy millions of the best content to add warmth at home.

Internet of Things

Provide the best technology experience for an easier life.