IM2 Media Luncheon and WFH are More Comfortable with GIGamaze

Jakarta, April 7, 2021 – Indosat Mega Media (IM2) held a media luncheon with several fellow journalists and editors from various media. has not been held for a long time, of course, by continuing to prioritize health protocols during a pandemic.

This time, the media luncheon also introduced the newest add-on product from GIG, namely GIGamaze, which was also delivered directly to fellow journalists and editors during the event to show excellence and also how to buy the product.


When the Covid-19 pandemic hits, all people are required to do activities from home. There are many challenges faced when adapting the Work From Home (WFH) process, starting from online meetings while cooking in the kitchen, helping children’s learning processes to causing problems with uneven internet Wi-Fi connections in every corner of the house.

The public’s need for optimal internet service access in every corner of the house is very important to provide comfortable learning and work, in fact, as many as 60% of internet customer complaints are always related to in-house Wi-Fi services that are less than optimal.

GIG by Indosat Ooredoo (, one of the leading internet service providers in Indonesia, presents GIGamaze Wi-Fi smart device service. Using devices from Nokia, GIGamaze is a solution for extending home internet coverage with Mesh Wi-Fi technology, providing a smart, uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience in every corner of the home. GIGamaze is equipped with a dual band connection (2.4GHz and 5GHz), making it easier for all family members to get the best internet network, lightning fast and free of blank spots with anti-slow internet.

Users can easily manage internet connectivity at home remotely from the mobile application. GIGamaze is equipped with various features such as Parental Control, Self-healing Network and Home Console which provide analysis to users so that network providers can easily identify problems and solve them more quickly. GIGamaze is designed to be a very simple and easy to use plug-n-play solution.

Devimaz Gusmal, SVP Product & Marketing of PT Indosat M2 said, “GIG by Indosat Ooredoo is very pleased to provide important solutions for our customers. We really pay attention to the convenience of customers in using internet services on their daily basis, therefore we offer real solutions not only for quality internet services but also GIGamaze enhancement services to maximize the speed of internet services they have. ”

Devim added, “Our goal is to help GIG by Indosat Ooredoo customers get the best internet service as fast as lightning to support all their online activities at home so that they are free of blankspots.”

GIGamaze devices can be purchased exclusively at the GIG Official Store Tokopedia ( with various attractive promos that can be obtained.